CIFF combines Christmas and Halloween!

The 16th annual Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) was a rousing success, with over 200 international films showcased from September 23 - October 4, 2015. This year, I had the pleasure of attending the infamous Black Carpet Gala, where a freakishly fun film, A Christmas Horror Story showed how a Christmas-themed film can also be a screamfest!

Directed by Grant Harvey, Steve Hoban and Brett Sullivan, A Christmas Horror Story has four different plotlines that all occur on an ill-fated Christmas eve. Starring William Shatner and featuring a brave Santa Clause, zombie elves, a possessed child, a sacrificial virgin and an evil Christmas spirit known as Krampus, this scary Christmas flick was one freaky and sinfully entertaining movie.

Krampus (left), the evil spirit of Christmas, in a climatic final showdown with Santa Clause. 

The Black Carpet Gala beforehand was very entertaining! While zombie elves graced us with their presence, they were gracious enough to not actually kill us and eat our brains, which was much appreciated. The audience really loved getting into the spirit of things, with many movie goers showing up in cult horror movie costumes!

A Christmas Horror Story was downright fun! I didn’t know it was time to partake in Christmas or Halloween entertainment, but I ended up receiving both! Thanks CIFF for a wickedly delightful Black Carpet Gala evening.