Vancouver bound for June 27

I've set the date and I'm excited for my Vancouver adventures ahead.

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.” I remember reading this quote by Paulo Coelho in his book, The Alchemist a few years ago.

I didn’t fully understand the meaning of this quote back then. I was a dancer and musical theatre actor, performing in stage shows, taking classes and serving tables to make ends meet in Vancouver. Life was a constant hustle, but at the same time, I was having a blast – I was young, doing what I loved and living in a city that made me happy 24/7. Even then, I knew in my heart that as much as I loved performing, it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever – I knew I had other talents I wanted to pursue. But I had a feeling Vancouver might be where my heart belonged…fast forward a few years later, and I know for sure Vancouver is where my heart belongs.

After living in Vancouver, I lived in Toronto for a year to pursue my dance and theatre career, and I also did a couple more cruise ship contracts along the way. When I was doing my final cruise ship contract for Princess Cruises back in 2009, my ship ported in Vancouver a few times. I remember walking off the ship and thinking…I’m home. This is truly where my heart feels happy and I was going to move back to Vancouver no matter what.

Well, it’s been a long journey. After doing my last cruise ship, I came home to Calgary, studied at the University of Calgary, graduated and then gained work experience in PR and communications the next few years. Every day my thoughts have been on Vancouver, but something has always come up to delay my move – new work opportunities in Calgary, car lease obligations, student debt, etc. It got the point where whenever I talked about moving to Vancouver, my friends would say “sure…” and roll their eyes at me.

A few months ago I came across Coelho’s quote again and finally understood the true power of it. Why do I love Vancouver so much? I love the culture, ocean, food, people and exciting industry opportunities. There are so many other reasons – like how my dry skin and eczema hates the Calgary climate, but absolutely adores Vancouver. I also love how Vancouver’s downtown is vibrant and so easily walkable. And how everything is so green. And how boundless possibilities await anyone who has dreams and courage.

Sure, there are the haters, who keep telling me that people in Vancouver are snobby. And there are the practical thinkers, who remind me how expensive it is to buy a home in VYR. But I have to listen to my heart. And as Coelho also wrote in the Alchemist, “…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  

So save the date for me Vancouver. Monday, June 27, 2016, I’ll be moving into you and this time it’s to stay. I’m coming home to where my heart is. Get ready for #VanCityVince.