Eat a sandwich, why don’t you? Treat yourself at Meat & Bread

Vancouver-based sandwich shop is a hip millennial haven for sandwich lovers 

Every now and then, you just gotta eat a sandwich. Yes, as millennials I know we love our gluten-free options, salads and sushi. But after a hectic schedule of doing spin, yoga, barre, surf set, playing Pokemon Go, etc, there are moments when you just have a craving for good old fashioned meat…and bread. Enter Meat & Bread.

The name says it all. Meat & Bread is a chain of hip sandwich shops that offer both minimal interior design and menu items. What it does offer on its menu are amazing sandwiches consisting of high quality meat and bread, made with real love.

A good sandwich starts with good bread, and Meat & Bread has amazing bread.

The original Meat & Bread store opened in Gastown at 370 Cambie Street in 2010 and has since expanded with a second Vancouver location at 1033 West Pender Street, as well as shops in Victoria and Seattle.

My first Meat & Bread experience happened when I recently happened to stumble upon the Cambie Street shop. Since it was my first time, the sandwich artist (is that actually what they’re called there?) suggested the Porchetta, which features Salsa Verde (really good salsa) and Crackling (really good pork rinds). I said yes and that was that…unlike Subway, you don’t get to choose veggies or sauces or anything like that. All the sandwiches have set recipes and are quite minimal in toppings. But the ingredients are all so good that they are more than enough to stand alone and wow your taste buds and satisfy your stomach.

Meat & Bread's signature Porchetta sandwich to go.

And for all those picky eaters out there, I’m sure Meat & Bread could accommodate you. For instance, if you wanted the Porchetta without the Sala Verde (although why would you?), I suppose you could tell the sandwich artist (if that’s what they’re actually called) and I’m sure they’d comply, although they’d probably give you an unimpressed look (and rightfully so).

The Meat & Bread folks work hard. Don't annoy them with complicated orders - just eat what's on the menu. 

The Cambie Street location also features delicious sounding Meatball (it has Kale, Parm Ailoi and Grana Padano!!!) and Grilled Cheese sandwiches, as well as a daily special. The atmosphere is super cool – there’s just one long wooden communal table in the narrow restaurant, along with a handful of smaller tables on the side and barstool seating at the bar.

A Meat & Bread dining experience is cozy and fun!

There’s water for you to conveniently help yourself to, and a bevy of busy sandwich artists (I’m just going to keep calling them that until I get corrected), behind the counter, making the magic come alive. And if you really can’t eat sandwiches (I feel bad for you), don’t fret. Meat & Bread also has daily soups and salads available.

Follow Meat & Bread’s Instagram and check its website for more info. And eat a sandwich, why don’t you? Unless of course you’re gluten intolerant, in which case I’m really glad I’m not you.