Spin away your stress at Ride Cycle Club

Take a ride to some sick beats in a motivating and friendly environment.

Nothing beats a wicked heart-pumping spin class where you get to slay your stress and get a killer body at the same time. In my short time living in Vancouver so far, I’ve had the awesome experience of doing my first ride at Ride Cycle Club, one of Vancouver’s most notable spin studios.

From the moment you enter the front doors, you can’t help notice the great vibe Ride has got going on. The front desk peeps are super friendly, the main lobby area is spacious and clean, and there’s a really positive attitude in the air. Inside the studio the lights are dim, the beats are sick, the instructors are loud and fabulous, and you’ll leave feeling strong, confident and proud of yourself for conquering the challenging 55 minute full-body workout.

If you haven’t taken a class at Ride yet, what are you waiting for? Ride has several classes each of the seven days of the week and there’s tips on its website for first time riders.

See you on the bike!

RIDE CYCLE CLUB, 881 Hamilton Street