They are ready for their close-up

The cast of The Circle, presented by Alberta Theatre Projects. Photo courtesy of Kenneth Locke.

The cast of The Circle at Alberta Theatre Projects is ready to take the spotlight

The rehearsals are over, the previews are winding down, and the stage is set for the world premiere of The Circle at Alberta Theatre Projects on Friday, October 23. Written by local playwright Geoffrey Simon Brown, who recently graduated from the National Theatre School, The Circle is an exciting new play about the turbulence of adolescence. The Calgary theatre community is holding its breath for what promises to be one of the most explosive theatrical events this town has ever seen.  

Waiting in the wings are a talented group of young Alberta actors who have paid their dues. Their list of credentials and awards is outstanding. Past performance credits include Shakespeare, contemporary plays, musicals, film and TV. One of the actors has toured Canada in an acappella group. A few of the cast members have already taken the big stage at Alberta Theatre Projects and Theatre Calgary.

However, the six actors in the cast of The Circle are about to have the breakthrough opportunity of their careers. Why? This is their time to be showcased, given their exciting, juicy roles. The entire play takes place in one night at a garage party and involves drugs, alcohol, relationship and adolescent issues, and conflict so aggressive that it promises to rise to a fiery climax. What an opportunity for these young actors to grab the spotlight and shine!

Besides seeing his play presented on the Martha Cohen Stage, Brown also plays the role of Mutt, a messed up teenager. Brown is already a well-respected actor in Calgary, having won Theatre Calgary’s Stephen Hair Emerging Actor Award, and appearing in Much Ado About Nothing at Theatre Calgary. Also in the cast is Brett Dahl, who starred as Romeo in Shakespeare in the Park’s Romeo and Juliet.

Leanne Govier is a triple threat performer and has appeared in Stage West’s Fiddler on the Roof. And Pitch Perfect fans will appreciate the talents of Daniel Fong, an acappella singer, although I doubt he’ll be showing off his Treblemakers skills in this production…but who knows – I haven’t seen the show yet!

The cast is rounded out by Elisa Benzer, who was nominated for Sterling Awards for Best Outstanding Actress and Playwright for Letter to Laura, and Joe Perry, who was nominated for a Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance in Downstage Theatre’s SIA. The play is directed by Dora Mavor Moore Award winner, Anne-Marie Kerr and is set against a backdrop of fun tunes selected by sound designer, Anton De Groot. Click here to check out The Circle’s playlist, which includes music by Skrillex and Kate Tempest.

On Friday, October 23, the house lights will dim at the Martha Cohen Theatre and six young actors will step into the spotlight and establish their names in Canada’s theatre scene, performing in the world premiere of The Circle. This will be an event for the history books. And yes Mr. DeMille….they are ready for their close-up.

These actors are ready for their moment to shine in The Circle at Alberta Theatre Projects. Photo courtesy of Ann-Marie Kerr.

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The Circle, Presented by Alberta Theatre Projects

An Enbridge New Canadian Play

Written by Geoffrey Simon Brown

Directed by Ann-Marie Kerr

October 20 - November 7, 2015 at the Martha Cohen Theatre, Arts Commons, Calgary, AB

Featuring Elisa Benzer, Geoffrey Simon Brown, Brett Dahl, Daniel Fong, Leanne Govier

and Joe Perry.